Sockibomb Gold Decodye Compass


Plastic type: Gold. Color: White. Weight: 173+.

This is a custom Decodye printed disc made for Latitude 64° team player Ricky “Sockibomb” Wysocki.

This disc will not come with a certificate.

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Navigate the fairways with the Compass. This straight flyer will go wherever you need it to go, and holds any line in a predictable way. Not shallow, not deep, this disc will fit in any hand. The Compass has been developed in cooperation with World Champion Ricky Wysocki: “The Compass will make me more confident on the course. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer; I can trust it on every angle”.

Speed: 5, Glide: 5, Turn: 0, Fade: 1.

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Weight 175 g